What is Robot Class

What is Robot Class?
Educational Development Program
  • Robot Class is an educational program which helps students build their scientific, robotic and other technological skills.
  • Robot Class aims to develop students' basic scientific knowledge and creative thinking skills. Students are encouraged to think logically by practicing programming in making robots according to their imagination.
  • Students develop their problem-solving skills by creating their own robots.
Educational outcomes
  • Improved concentration level and critical thinking skills
  • Improved leadership and coordination skills in a group setting
  • Enriched scientific knowledge which helps students excel in school
  • Sense of achievement and self-respect

     Kindergarten to Primary School Students
    (We provide different sets of Robot kits to different age and level of students)
  1. School 
  2. Robot Education Centre
  3. Students' Homes (according to arrangements)

     2 hours/per week (for 10 weeks)

 Level I  2 hours per class (for 10 weeks)
 Level II  2 hours per class (for 10 weeks)
 Level III  2 hours per class (for 10 weeks)
 Level IV  2 hours per class (for 10 weeks)
 Level V  2 hours per class (for 10 weeks)

No.  Robot Story  Let's Make Robot!
 1  What is Robot?  Let's know each part's function, name and learn assembling.
 2  Story of Lever and Pulley  Making objects using all modes of the mainboard
 3  History & Development of robot  Making a battle robot and play games with friends
 4  Robot composition (eye) -IR Sensor 1  Making your own robot using an IR sensor
 5  Line-Tracer  Making a Line-Tracer that can follow a line
 6  What is Avoider  Making a robot that can avoid objects
 7  Power of a robot-Electricity  Making your own robot and understand the principle of electricity
 8  Robot composition (eye) -IR Sensor 2   Making a robot that can follow an object
 9  Shaft wheel and Gear     Making a soccer robot using a remote control and play games with your friends
 10  Robot composition (muscle) - Motor  Making a robot using a motor