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Thomas train (below) - using Infrared Ray sensor

What is Infrared Ray (IR)?
IR is a component of sunlight and we are exposed and surrounded by it. Sunlight is composed of many wave lengths of different light groups.On the one hand, some of them are visible to the human eye among the light group. Good example is the rainbow colors. But on the other hand, some of them are invisible rays such as x-ray, infrared. In general, infrared ray is a kind of invisible ray. Now it has been developed to the extent that infrared is being used in a medical field.

Thomas train can follow black line by using IR sensor!!

Soccer robot (below) - using R/C receiver n controller

Soccer robot can carry ball so that you can play soccer with robot!!
With 8 channels in the controller, 8 people can play soccer together!!

Stalker robot (below) - using Infrared Ray sensor

Using Infrared Ray sensor, you can design your robot to follow an object!!
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