Our Vision

The future of mankind rests in the hands of our children. Their values and morals will shape our constitutions and law, their needs and wants will point the direction of growth in our economies. Greater than that, is their understanding of one another and where man fits in the world around them will determine what knowledge, life, attributes each child decides to cultivate within themselves. How we educate each child will be educating each member of humanity to come.
What each child experiences personality may have a fundamental impact on what kind of person they grow into. What kind of person they view themselves determine what group they associate with, which group they associate with shapes their society, country. Hence we are able to develop ourselves as a species by developing our children. When scientists first tried to classify the creatures of this earth and themselves also, the most obvious difference is in what humans lack. Humans lack the strong teeth or claws, fur or blabber to protect us from the elements, we grow to a rather medium adult size where we are too big and clumsily to run or hide but to small and frail to overcome. Our shiny skin stands out obviously wherever we go and our soft feet unable to handle the long seasonal migrations. Yet man has flourished and quite literally overcome and persisted in our relatively short period of existence.  We believe this is because man loves to learn, is adaptable and accumulates and assimilates tools into themselves but more importantly passes those tools and methods down to the next generation. Fire, stone edges, wheels, levers, writing, books, electricity, money are all tools which man uses to survive and thrive, which we teach our children to progress. We are at the dawn of a new age where machines are the levers which we use to progress, the mastery of machines is the next step.